It’s all about perspective.

Patience is the ability to countdown before you blast off.  ~ Anon

I’m not a patient person no matter what the horoscopes say about my sign.  They all lie.  I’m an instant gratification kind of gal.  I know there is something to be said about savoring the moment, blah, blah, blah.

Autumn has arrived!

Autumn has arrived!

Today is October 1st, exactly 2 months from our fly date.  Now I know that two months can seem far away or very close depending on the perspective that one takes.  I need to find a balance in order to keep my perspective straight.  We have 8 weeks or 60 days left in Montreal.  That’s not a lot of time considering what needs to be done: people to see, food to eat, and favorite dessert places to go to, etc, etc.  Time is going to fly!

Downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal

Now although October is generally a beautiful month, with the change of colors, it’s also a cold, wet, damp month.  Have I told you how much I hate being cold?!  Actually, hate isn’t a strong enough word. So as I begrudgingly put on heavier sweaters and woolen socks I keep telling myself that I only have just 2 months left.  One month is the equivalent to 43 200 minutes.  So in essence, the next time I’ll be really warm will be 86 400 minutes from today.

The view from our apartment.

The view from our apartment.


My only consolation is to drink some really good hot chocolate.  And it just so happens I know the perfect place.  Juliette and Chocolate, anyone?

On a trail in Mont Tremblant

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I'm a Canadian wandering around the world, discovering new food, cultures and friends. I'm currently in the homeland of the love of my life, Venezuela.

11 responses to “It’s all about perspective.”

  1. Cécile says :

    I think it’s useless to mention it but I’m doing it anyway: I’M IN! I’d rather go to Cacao 70 though.
    By the way, I you don’t like to be cold?? that is brand new information! 😀

  2. kimsimard says :

    Really, you’re in? I think Cacao 70 has better marshmallows too. Shall we set a date? Time is of the essence.

  3. Cécile says :

    you’ll have arepas dates with your new friends! and I’ll have chocolate dates by myself… that would be sad actually, so I won’t do it. we could skype while eating chocolate? 😀

  4. kimsimard says :

    I just assumed we’d be going to a chocolate place for our anniversary. Two weeks in a row isn’t excessive. We can do Cacao and Juliette.

  5. kimsimard says :

    How about Thursday and Thursday?

  6. cécile says :

    ok great!

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