Sisterly Love

There is no other relationship in the world quite like the one shared by sisters. ~ Unknown

Sisters, where does one begin to describe the relationship with them?  My sisters and I are all very different from each other. We’re as different as the directions on a compass. From a young age we had strong, and mostly opposing, opinions on boys (and later husbands), make up, religion, music, and lifestyle choices.  There wasn’t always harmony in our house growing up.  There were lots of heated arguments about bathroom sharing,  “borrowing” of clothes, disclosing teenage secrets to our parents, and even how to do the dishes properly (we never had a dishwasher growing up!).

When I wrote to a friend saying that my mother was a spirited, feisty woman who would have the strength to pull through this crisis, he teasingly wrote back saying that there was “no resemblance there”.  I was flattered by the compliment.  I certainly didn’t feel strong at the time I wrote him, in fact, I felt the contrary.  After some time (there always seems to be a lot of that when you’re sitting in a hospital room), I started to reflect on what my friend had said; not how it applied to me, but how it applied to my three sisters.  As much as we are different, we’re the same and we owe that to our mother.

When this crisis happened our bond was strengthened.  The support we have given each other has been so heart-felt, warm and sincerely genuine.  We literally live thousands of miles and a few time zones apart, but I never felt that distance.  It has felt like they have been by my side the entire time.

Spiders rely on the intricate weave of their webs for communication (ok, so it’s really to signal that dinner has arrived) and our communication reminds me of that (sans victims).  And although the gossamer thread appears delicate and fragile, it’s is amazingly strong which can withstand all types of storms Mother Nature throws its way, just like our little storm here.

Technology has played a huge part in this web of ours.  The ability to send voice messages, videos and pictures of the grandchildren via cell phone has lifted my Mom’s spirits considerably and, of course, my sisters seeing my mom’s progress has helped reduce their stress immensely.  I am thankful for all of it; more importantly, I am thankful for my sisters.  I’d hate to be facing this alone and I’m not.

Thanks Sisters, I love you each dearly. xo


Sisterly Love

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About kimsimard

I'm a Canadian wandering around the world, discovering new food, cultures and friends. I'm currently in the homeland of the love of my life, Venezuela.

3 responses to “Sisterly Love”

  1. Christene says :

    Very well written Kim!!! Sister Love!!! Love all my sisters!!! xxoo

  2. lavalleejennylou says :

    Love my sisters too… this has definitely been a true test to our relationships… and any previous connection that may have or may not have existed…
    this bond is not like any other we have had in our lives where it truly brought us together, sorry such a sad experience in our lives made us realize the closeness we could actually share, but thankful that it did.
    even through all the distance we can be there and be strong for each other… together…

    sister love

  3. Debbie Wright says :

    Wonderful Kim, just wonderful!

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